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Covid Cleaning Challenge Day 2: Pantry

OH EM GEE. I've never had so many non-perishables in my pantry in my life. Eric and I are not"stock piling" during the time we plan to social distance ourselves, however-- we are buying more items that we usually wouldn't buy to avoid going to the grocery store. Below I have the image for your instagram, before and after pictures and an explanation of the steps. I hope this helps you! Xoxo

Here is my methodology for organizing your pantry:

Before Henry was born, I conquered our pantry. Things were not grouped and all over the place. It took me about four/five hours but I had no methodology so hopefully with the steps above, you will be able to finish in only a couple of hours!

Here is a before picture:

Before we were social distancing, I didn't have nearly as many baskets or nonperishables. I initially decided to have all the canned goods on display but I truthfully did not love the way it looked but I wasn't about to redo the whole thing.

Here is a before picture before the covid-19 crisis:

Then, Eric and I went to the store and got a lot more food that had a longer shelf life than lettuce. Tonight we had lettuce that was slightly brown that we would normally throw away but it's all we had!! So it's probably a good thing that we bought a lot more canned goods! I put the baskets on display and I made little chalkboard signs for all the baskets... #pinkiesup! I still don't love the final product. But- then I remember ... you know this is a pantry Christina. Lighten up. It's not supposed to be perfect.

Here is an after picture of the pantry now:

Here is how I recommend you organize your pantry:

Step 1 REMOVE EVERYTHING- Get everything out of the way. You need a blank canvas.

Step 2 WIPE DOWN- Sanitize that grime. You know the crumbs and the bottom of the soups get yucky with time. Just take the time to make everything feel super clean!

Step 3 MAKE GROUPS- Identify how much you have of each type of product. Eric and I are chips, salsa and sauce people- so that is why I literally have seven bins for snacks.

Step 4 SELECT BASKETS/BINS- Pick out how you intend to store everything. I chose lazy susans, baskets, glass jars and an auditorium style shelves. Right now you may not have the luxury of getting baskets, etc. but I've linked the options I chose for you below.

Mainstays Natural Rope Set of 3- Walmart | $12.98/three

White Wire Basket Wooden Handle- Container Store | $19.99/ea

Bamboo Lazy Susan- Container Store | $12.98/each

Bamboo Expanding Tier Shelf- Container Store | $22.98/each

Anchor Hocking Glass Jar - Walmart | $8.97

OXO Cereal Dispensers Set of 3 - Container Store | $49.99/three

Overall, my entire pantry project was less than $200!

Step 5 PLACE ON BASKETS & GROUPS ON SHELVES- Start moving around how you want things to be displayed, putting the items you use the most on the bottom shelves, and the items you use less on the top.

Step 6 HAVE A SNACK- You deserve something delicious!

Remember, if you don't have the luxury of purchasing anything right now- just use the grouping methodology. Having all of your canned soups separated from your beans will make it easier to do inventory!

If you're limited on space, you can line similar products straight in a line and stacked. If you have a little extra space, try to put an inch or two between your "groups".

I hope this helps you organize your pantry in a cost effective way and gives you an easy project. XOXO <3 Christina

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