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Introducing Pop of Color by Lindsey: A Colorful Collaboration Transforming the way we Embrace Color

We invite you to share in the journey of crafting this rug. By teaming up with an incredibly talented digital creator, Pop of Color by Lindsey, we created a statement piece to brighten any room.

"Pop of Color," a mesmerizing rug born from collaboration with, Lindsey, a renowned digital creator focused on lifestyle, home, and fashion. We understand that collaboration introduces a breath of fresh air bringing innovation and revolution to our collection of rugs. Lindsey inspires us to embrace color in a way that brings both fun and elegance to home décor.

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What makes Pop of Color by Lindsey unique?

The Color Lover's Dream:
  • This rug is drawn to captivate the charm of vivid palettes for the enjoyment of every color lover. Understanding that a rug is more than just a home decor piece - it is an expression of one's personality and style – The journey to create this rug ended with something truly special.

The Functionality of Color:
  • The "Pop of Color" rug is more than just an accessory; it's a bold statement piece that dares to defy the norm. Blurring the lines between art and functionality, this rug invites you to experiment with your living space and break free from conventional design constraints.

Captivating Different Interests:
  • One of the rug's most compelling aspects is its ability to capture the interest of a diverse audience. Art lovers admire the rug's captivating patterns and the creativity that went into its design. Fashion enthusiasts appreciate the rug's bold colors and how it complements various styles. Interior design connoisseurs recognize its versatility and ability to harmonize with different home decor themes. Lifestyle enthusiasts connect with the rug's underlying message of embracing inspiration and collaboration.

Something New and Fun:
  • The "Pop of Color" rug stands as a testament to the beauty of collaboration and the boundless realm of creativity. While the rug pools inspiration from Palindrome home and A Pop of Color by Lindsey, it emerges as something entirely new and delightful. Lindsey's ability to infuse her own unique essence while honoring the source of inspiration is a mark of a true artist.

Invite Pop of Color by Lindsey to reinspire your home

Embrace your inner color enthusiast and redefine your living space with the "Pop of Color" rug. A symphony of vibrant hues awaits to invigorate your home and elevate your spirits.

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