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Style & Rug Trends 

The information below on trends is meant to help you select the right rug for you and your home! If you still need help, we're here to help you.  Schedule a free consultation with us and we will help you find the right rug design, color and size for your home.


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2024 Design Trends & Beyond 


Move Away from Cool Neutrals 

Sorry, Joanna Gaines. We love you- but shiplap is dead and there is a shift toward warm neutrals with a focus on earthy tones and beiges are making a comeback. Think cozy and inviting spaces that promote relaxation.


Luxury Redefined by Texture

Expect to see a focus on sumptuous textures that create a multi-sensory experience. Think plush velvets, rich leathers, and opulent silks used in furniture, upholstery, and throws.


Embracing Color

Jewel tones, deep blues, and emerald greens are becoming increasingly popular, adding a touch of drama and luxury to interior design. Think more color with any palette you love.


Wallpaper as Art

Wallpaper is no longer just for accents. Bold, patterned wallpapers are being used to create statement walls and add personality to a space

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Rug Trends 


Single Ground Rugs 

One background color throughout the entire rug provides both elegance and cohesion for the interior of your home.


Sustainable Materials

More environmentally conscious means rugs made from sustainable fibers such as wool, jute or recycled materials are becoming increasingly popular


Abstract Patterns

Abstract and artistic patterns are a big trend on rugs. That is why we have been actively partnering with artists to help the design process in 2024.


Vintage Revival 

Vintage & Traditional Rugs are always in style, but they're making a revival this year with a touch of timeless elegance to any space.


Luxurious Texture

High pile softness, chunky knots and handwoven finishes are all on trend for rugs in 2024. (And if you ask us, they should be... indefinitely.)

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