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The Perfect Statement Chandelier

About three years ago, when I was looking for a modern chandelier for my apartment, I fell in love with the wooden "cocoshell" design. At the time, it was one of the few-- and I thought it was really unique and could fit in many different homes. In fact, I told Eric (before we were even engaged that it would go in our future child's nursery. PRETTY SURE HE PROBS THOUGHT I WAS CRAY, but hey! He married me!)

Now-- these chandeliers are everywhere at all different price points and sizes. I wanted share a few different fixtures for people with different proportions and of different scale. A lot of times, when you move into an apartment or buy a home- there are places for fixtures to be hung-- or the builder put in a simple fixture or one that is not your style. I know that usually the case for me! I hope these links help you find the perfect statement chandelier!

If you saw on my Instagram, you saw that this particular chandelier is extremely special to me because my mimi gave me the money to buy this fixture right before she passed away. It's now been in three of my homes!! My favorite thing about this chandelier is at night, it casts the most beautiful shadow and texture on the walls as the light shines through the beads. You can kinda see it in the pictures below!

It's important to buy something that is not just trendy, but something you love and will love for years to come (especially when it's expensive!!) I've linked a few steals and splurges on my LTK account! I hope these fixtures make you happy in your own home!!

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