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Why Palindrome?

Hello blog world,

This is my first blog. I've always wanted to successfully blog but due to my OCD nature- I never knew how to start because I wanted it to be perfect. So now that I'm on maternity leave, and we are all #socialdistancing and #selfquaranting-- I figured... NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT. If no one reads this, I really don't mind because I am BORED AF and this already seems cathartic.

The goal of my blog is to focus on all things home & lifestyle. Really it's whatever I want, because it's my BLOG. Which is nice... no one can tell me I'm not "on brand". I decide. Niiiice.

I hope you enjoy everything I post!! Here are a few anticipated questions & answers.

What is a Palindrome?

According to the google machine, a palindrome is when a word or numbers read the same way forward or backwards.

What is Palindrome Home?

Palindrome Home is a blog and extension of my invitation business, Palindrome Paper. I love designing whether its on paper or in my home- and I felt like both deserved their own platform.

What is the significance of the word Palindrome?

The primary two reasons why I chose the word "Palindrome" (which took absolutely forever to decide) is because:

1. My husband and I got married on 8.18.18 which is ultimately a palindrome. We got really lucky because we were only engaged for ten months and another couple booked our venue two years ahead of time and cancelled their wedding and this was the only date available. Obviously, we snagged it up real quick. To see our wedding highlights and invitations, click here.

2. When I was little, my family had a secret code for "I love you" which when said aloud was "the three ones" or written as three consecutive roman numerals. I really wanted to name my business "III" for a very long time but it just didn't seem right to me. This is why the logo for both the blog and invitation business is three roman numerals in front of the word "Palidrome".

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