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How Do I Install My Palindrome Presets?


  1. Update IOS

  2. Download Apps

-Download Unzip App

-Download Google Chrome

-Download Lightroom Mobile App

3. Login to your email in Chrome.

-Go to Receipt from PalindromeHome.

-Download zip file in Chrome.

4. At the bottom of Chrome browser click "Download"

5. Click "Open in" and scroll past all apps like messages, mail notes, etc. You might have to select "more" to find the UnZip app.

-Click "copy to unzip" or "open to unzip"

6. Your file will appear soon in the Unzip app. Click the orange download folder to unzip it. The name will say "Palindrome Presets". It will unzip and the folder color will change to yellow.

7. Click the yellow download folder (click twice).

8. SELECT EACH FILE by clicking on the (i) for the first preset

9.Then click "open in"- scroll to lightroom mobile app.

-Open in lightroom mobile app. Import the DNG file on the next lightroom app launch.

-Select "Got it".

-Click the next (i) and repeat the process

10. Create the preset by clicking on each individual DNG image.

-Click the three dots in upper right hand corner.

-Click "Create Preset" and give it the corresponding name.

-Under "Preset Group" click the down arrow and create a new preset group called "Palindrome Presets"

-Continue the process and include under "Palindrome Presets" group to keep it organized.

Tip: Shorten preset name by using "Insta- Product Texture" or "Reality- Portrait Cool". Whatever you choose keep it consistent! <3



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