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DIY: Modernize your Kids Kitchen

The older I become, the more I realize I am a clone of my mom and granny. I like crafty projects that aren’t necessary at all, but make me feel like I accomplished something that I really enjoy. Lets just say, crafting has always been a hobby.

Some of these designer kids kitchens are upwards of $700-900. Sorry kids, I love you- but I would rather spend that money on something like I don’t know... three outdoor umbrellas.

So here is how I revamped a kids kitchen for less than $150–


  1. KidCraft Vintage Kitchen - Find this brand on Facebook marketplace for cheaper or buy new on for a heaftier price tag.

  2. Select three Rustoleum 2x Colors-

  • Smokey Beige (3 cans)

  • Black (1 Can)

  • Bronze (1 Can)

3. Purchase Kitchen Upgrades-

4. Tools-

  • Drill

  • Exacto Knife

  • Wall paper smoother tool

  • Staple gun


  1. Clorox that kitchen and clean with soapy water. Goodbye grimy hand prints and COVID.

  2. Take all “hardware” off including handles, sink, kitchen grates, etc.

  3. Spray paint knobs (I chose gold)

  4. Let dry and cover knobs and aluminum pieces with painters tape.

  5. Spray paint kitchen (Smokey beige) and individual components.

  6. Attach new handles from Amazon

  7. Add faux marble and cut out hole for sink with exact-o knife. Smooth with wallpaper smoother.

  8. Add drill marks where holes are for kitchen grate, sink, etc.

  9. Reattach pieces

  10. Remove plexi glass. Measure caning and align with tape. Attach with staple gun.

Step back and admire work.

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