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Covid Cleaning Challenge Day 6: Yard Work

I'm not going to lie... putting yard work on the Covid Cleaning Challenge list was somewhat of a strategic move because... that's Eric's domain. But I did help a little bit!

A few days ago, we had a ton of rain and I went out and pulled the weeds in the flower bed-- and Eric sprayed the lawn with weed killer.

Everything seemed great until we woke up and there were brown spots alllll over the lawn! Like a leopard!!! Eric then told me tripled the recipe for the weed killer and he may or may not have killed the grass along with it!!!! Whooooooopsss. He made light of it which is just another reason why I love that guy because I would probably cry and be so hard on myself.

Then today Eric had work and school all day for his MBA program, and went outside for three hours, mowed the lawn and came up with a plan to fix the brown spots. He seriously is so incredible sometimes, I wonder to myself where he finds the energy because I think I'd be a hot mess if I had his schedule.

I swept the patio but that is the extent of how helpful I was outside. I'm thankful my husband takes care of the yard because truthfully I have no idea how to do any of that. The one thing I've noticed that if he doesn't "stay on top of it" the yard can get unruly.

Lesson of today... sometimes ya gotta just laugh at yourself. At first I think we were a little bummed about the lawn looking like Swiss cheese but then you just take a minute and remember its really not that big of a deal - and we are so blessed to even have a lawn at all!!! (Our first home had basically zero lawn, so this is quite the upgrade burn holes or not.)

Here are a couple pictures and the checklist in honor of day 6 (even though I did nothing and it was a little bit of a fail):

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