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Covid Cleaning Challenge Day 4: Deep Cleaning

Never in my life have I appreciated the woman who cleans my house more than I do now. At the beginning of this challenge I totally wanted to be a hero and be just like Vanessa on day 4, but I just don't have it in me. I truly don't know how she cleans all day long. She's a saint! I've decided I'm more of an organizing kinda girl.

It's been about three weeks since she's been here- and it's going to be a while longer so as part of this challenge, I am selecting three of the following to complete!

UPDATE: I'm kind of taking the easy way out on this one, because I already vacuum, wipe down the counters and make my bed on the regular so I felt kinda guilty and decided to do five. I also cleaned the bathroom and have full intentions on mopping by the time the day is over.

I'm not going to go all 1950's housewife on you and show you me scrubbing toilets, so I'll share some pics of the house nice and clean!

Happy cleaning! You're officially halfway done with the #COVIDCLEANINGCHALLENGE.

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