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Covid Cleaning Challenge Day 3: Closet

Ok. I'm not gonna lie. This challenge, my OWN CHALLENGE... is kicking. my. butt. This list was very overzealous and I think I could of spread this out over two weeks but I've made a commitment so I'm gonna do it. If I didn't have this challenge I would 100% be watching Tiger King with my husband but that show is 100% more depressing than organizing my own home lol.

So, closets....

True life: I am Monica from Friends. My whole life I've always seemingly had my life together, and then I have that one (or two) closets that you open and it looks like an explosion of junk from the past five years and I've saved every. last. thing. Ask my bestie Courtney about the closet in the 2825 Townhome in Washington, D.C.

Or sometimes company is coming over and you just chuck all the junk in the one closet and close the door? It's awful. I would rather just keep my house clean and not have to stress before company comes over. Since we've moved into our new house, it's pretty much been that way. But I never really *finished* my master closet-- and full disclosure-- IT STILL AIN'T DONE!!!!

I did NOT even get Eric's side started. Sorry dude. I'll probably finish that sometime next week. Momma is tired. Overall- it took me two hours to sort the clothes and then probably another hour making my shelves look pretty. Since all the stores are closed, I just used things I had around the house- so this is still a work in progress :)

See below for my step-by-step tips and also before and afters!

Step 1 REMOVE OLD CLOTHES- When Eric and I moved I donated over 200 pieces of clothing, and then I got preggers so there is truly nothing in my closet that I don't love. I have a lot of maternity clothes I wont wear for a while-- but I am not ready to get rid of those yet because we will likely have one or two more kiddos. So for me, I skipped this lol

Step 2 GROUP BY COLOR OR SEASONALITY- I like my clothes organized by color first, then seasonality-- so all my black sweaters are together, then dress shirts, t-shirts, tanktops, etc. If your closet is small you can rotate your clothes out depending on the seasonality.

Step 3 ORGANIZE HANGERS- I ordered 200 black felt hangers from Amazon before I had Henry and never finished swapping the plastic hangers over. I personally like everything to look uniform but if you don't have matching hangers just organize the colors (white with white or black with black)! Mr. Henry hung out with me when I was doing this part! Isn't he adorbs??

Step 4 HIDE SEASONAL SHOES- I have two huge baskets that have all my open toed shoes. I am REALLY hard on my shoes and I don't like "displaying them" so I just hide them away in a basket to avoid the space looking cluttered. (The baskets above my dresses on the right are my seasonal shoes baskets!)

Step 5 STYLE SHELVING- Leaving the styling until the end definitely is a cherry on top! It is a fun project within a project!! This project made me really thankful for everything I have. I didn't buy anything (other than the hangers months ago) and even though clothes are just THINGS- I find we can all buy new stuff to make ourselves feel temporary excitement-- when we already have everything we NEED <3

Step 6 DONATE- There are so many people that need nice clothes. Even if something isn't worn out, donate something you haven't worn in the last six months! I plan to do that again in about 4 months now that I am out of maternity clothes!


Thanks to anyone that is reading this and going on this nutty #COVIDCLEANINGCHALLENGE with me! Whoever you are, you are holding me accountable!!

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