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Patagonia is part of our mineral collection with unexpected vibrant pops of amethyst and emerald upon a base of organic hues. We like to describe this rug as being the essence of Patagonia that is surrounded by rolling hills with pebbles peeking through natural grasses and mosses situated next to a beautiful body of water.  


This rug is inspired by Torres del Paine, part of Patagonia that is known for its soaring mountains, blue icebergs that cleave from glaciers and golden pampas grasslands that shelter rare wildlife.  At the basin of these waters are rock quarry with clay and muddy waters which offers exploration to find earths treasures among the many minerals that compose the earth.

Patagonia | Quick Ship

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  • 100 percent New Zealand Wool

    5x5 Persian Knot Quality

    Silk and Turkish Knots available upon request

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