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Size: 48X48

Type: Mixed Media including acrylic, plaster, charcoal, pencil and pastel.

Charity: 60 percent of proceeds will be donated to BLM charity of choice in your honor.


This piece, Footsteps & Fragility, is illustrates the footsteps of all non-violent protesters that marched in honor of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. The "footsteps" are centered toward the middle of the painting to show a clear dileniation of the steps we are taking toward change. Each brush stroke was made of "BLM" and then blended into one another. If you look closely you can see "BLM" pencilmarks scattered through out the imagery.


This piece was created to honor the Black Lives Matter movement and supports the non-violent civil rights justice and freedom to black people across the entire world. In honor of the BLM movement, Palindrome Home will donate 60 percent of the proceeds of this piece to a black owned business or charity of choice. 

Footsteps & Fragility

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