#45 Here comes the neighborhood

by ana on May 5, 2011

Though I haven’t made any huge changes to my house, there’s been at least one big change in the immediate area.

Remember the hoarder house? Well, the owner finally tore it down. OK, he himself didn’t do it. He hired some guys. But still. It’s gone now. And even better — soon a new house will sit on the site. The city just approved the plans (which I know because I’m nosy and I went poking around on its permits database to make sure a McMansion wouldn’t be going up beyond my back fence).

The demolition went so fast I couldn’t even get pictures of the whole process. One day the house was there, the next day … a bare slab and a full trash bin.

neighbor house

As if that development wasn’t enough, the house beyond it, which you can see in the background, got totally rehabbed. It used to be home to a herd of very barky Dachshunds and a couple of humans, who moved out and were replaced with a building crew that worked literally around the clock for several weeks. Sometimes when I’d let the dogs out in the middle of the night, I’d see people painting and rewiring and who knows what else through the uncovered windows.

So I’m taking it as a positive sign that the neighborhood is doing well in a slow real estate market if people are still building and renovating.

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