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by ana on May 3, 2011

I’m back! Well, I mean, I didn’t go anywhere, I just put house projects on hold while I figured out a plan. I’m a big planner. I could plan an invasion if that were my assignment. Everyone would just have to bear with me and my lists, though. “Did you remember to pack the missile launchers? … What do you mean you left them on the aircraft carrier? You had a copy of List #578, didn’t you? They were right after MREs and before Band-Aids!”

Fortunately, I’m not planning a military action, just enough progress to placate my mother, who’s coming for a visit. (Hi, Mom!)

My mother was hoping I’d have a new bathroom by now, but since I’d have to be out of the house for (at least) a week for the work to be done, I haven’t coordinated the timing. So what will she see instead? New ceiling fans!

So the squeaky living room fan and the den fan with the non-functional light will be replaced with Energy Star-rated aluminum Ball fans from the Modern Fan Co. I bought the only ones Lights Fantastic had during a big sale last year. (And even with the big sale, they weren’t cheap. They’re fancy, these fans.)

Of course, since the house only has 8 foot ceilings, the fans won’t use that rod.

And the guest room/office will get a simple white ceiling-hugger from Lowe’s (also on sale — less than $20). It will replace a 1970s model that’s just … there are no words.

1970s ceiling fan

See? No words.

Normally, that fan could be rehabilitated by swapping the brown-and-yellow globe with a plain one for a few dollars. Except …

guest room ceiling fan

The fan hangs down about 22 inches from the ceiling. I measured. A tall individual (not me, obviously) would walk right into it (or at least fear walking into it). And it creaks and buzzes.

Since I’m sending 3 things to the landfill, I thought, “How can I re-purpose something I already have so I can cut down on the things that I have to buy for the bathroom?”

While putting away dishes, I realized I could move the kitchen towel bar (which prevents one upper cabinet from opening completely) into the lavatory to use for hand towels.

kitchen towel bar

Money saved: however much a small chrome towel bar costs. Which probably isn’t that much in the scheme of things, but you can’t beat free.


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