#42 Fixing up for fall

by ana on October 7, 2010

Ever so helpfully, my homeowner’s insurance company sent me a mini-magazine that included a feature on fall maintenance. At least half of the items (#3 Fix roof leaks, #6 Clean gutters and downspouts and #7 Inspect your chimney) don’t apply. But I got cracking on the rest.

Liberty Mutual Fall Fix Up

I vacuumed under and behind the refrigerator to clean the coils (#5 on the list), traumatizing Owen, whose bowls sit next to it. (He’s not traumatized enough not to eat, but he still looks at the refrigerator with suspicion.)

Then I used the vacuum to clean the dryer vent, where the lint level was negligible. That’s when I discovered something curious. Light!

Dryer Vent

The vent isn’t screened at all. It’s just a hole to the outside, where there’s an angled cover. I hope critters don’t crawl in there. Ugh. Then lint will be the least of my troubles.

The top item on the list — trim dead tree limbs — will have to assessed by a professional since the lines that run power to my house and the one next door appear to intertwine with some branches. The lone tree in the front yard grows like a Dr. Seuss creation, thanks to the city’s aggressive trimming program, so it definitely needs some work to resemble a tree again rather than a leafy question mark.

Front Yard Tree

The last item on the list — make outdoor structural repairs — isn’t pressing. I’d like to make the front steps non-slip, for the times Sam uses them, but he prefers the back yard so that project isn’t urgent.

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