#41 Round Top

by ana on October 5, 2010

So over the weekend, my friend Jody and I made our annual trek to the giant roadside flea market in and around Round Top.

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so I don’t have original photos to give you an idea of the scene, but a simple Flickr search turned up a ton of images. A lot of the pictures make it look very artsy, but it’s not really like that. (If you’ve ever been to the Fresno swap meet, it’s more like that — hot, dusty, piles of junk to dig through.)

As usual, Jody and I went with no real plan. Despite that, we acted like people with a plan and set out bright and early from Austin (after a stop at a gas station on the edge of town for energy bars and bananas). Eventually, Jody decided to try to find a set of dishes since her husband feels that they’re too old to not have matching dishware. All I decided was that I would not leave empty-handed.

We drove past Round Top to Warrenton and found a field with free parking. We wandered through rows and rows of booths all the way past the town center before pausing for a much-needed snow cone break. Jody had no luck finding the dishes, but I did find something to use as a backsplash.

On the way back to the car, we stumbled on a patch of ground staked out by an Englishman with tons of leaded glass windows from Nottinghamshire. I’d seen people use glass (back-painted or clear) behind their stoves and reasoned that a window would work pretty well, too. Being cheap, we started going through the least expensive ones first. “How much are you willing to pay?” she asked while flipping through the $40 section. “It depends. If we find something über-fabulous, I’d be willing to pay more.” “Uh, I have no idea what über-fabulous means to you, but I guess we’ll know when we find it.”

I pulled a possibility from the $60 pile because it had a lot of colors in it and therefore would be pretty versatile. It wasn’t that exciting a design, though, so it remained a maybe. Then, in the $80 pile, there sat an über-fabulous specimen. Unlike many other windows, its design was asymmetrical yet colorful. See? Fabulous.

Round Top Leaded Glass Window

And now I just have to figure out how to hang it.

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