#40 Impulse control

by ana on September 30, 2010

After a few months of thinking, rethinking and overthinking the future bathroom remodel, I started looking at hard numbers and narrowing down options.

I’m hoping that I can keep the cost of the new and improved bathroom under $5,000. That might be wildly optimistic, but hey, everyone needs goals.

Luckily, the water-saving toilet is covered. And the tub is staying. I have an estimate for the plumbing work in hand. But I need to settle on the design plan and make it conform to the budget. And part of that involves talking myself out of the tile I want and talking myself into tile I can afford. That particular process isn’t going well.

The tile I really, really want is the Little Diamonds Mix in Tropics Blue by Heath Ceramics in conjunction with Dwell Patterns. (Did you get all of that?)

Heath Ceramics Tile Dwell Patterns

Unfortunately, that particular pattern costs $24 a square foot. Eek. Even though the bathroom isn’t very big, getting enough to cover the 45 square feet and allowing for a 10% overage would ring in at $1,200. Um, no. I’m crazy, but not that crazy.

The look of small tiles would work well in the space, so I turned to penny rounds next. Luckily, those fall in the $5- to $7-a-square-foot price range. And they’re not bad. They’re just not the tile I’m trying not to buy. The colors I’m considering are (clockwise from top left): aqua, cobalt, gray and sky blue.

Hexagonal tiles — in sky blue, left, or varying shades of powder blue — could work. Maybe.

Hex Tiles

Then there’s also the possibility of triangles reminiscent of the Dwell tile, but at about $16 a square foot, it’s not really a bargain.

The search continues. Maybe I’ll get lucky and find some money in the street. Like, say, $1,200. That was dropped by Bill Gates, who will never even notice it’s gone.

Updated to add: OK, yes, I know Bill Gates spends a lot of his money on eliminating malaria and weird worms in Africa and that’s admirable. But if I find cash lying in the street, then I’m going to think one of two things.

  1. Drug cartels left the money for a pickup and will cut off one of my hands if I take it. (And maybe that’s a conclusion not everyone would draw, but I grew up on the border, and in my experience, unexplainable things can often be laid at the feet of the narco traffickers.) That’s where some risk assessment comes in.
  2. Fate/God/magical unicorns really want me to have the money to buy tile.
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