#37 The hoarder house

by ana on September 21, 2010

Up until very recently, one of the projects that sat high on the to-do list was screening the hoarder house behind mine from view. But then … someone decided to clean it out. Well, most of it.

Hoarder House front

I never actually knew the woman who ostensibly lived in the house, primarily because she didn’t really live there. According to my old neighbor, the woman’s father owned the house and she lived there for a long time. She had a fiancĂ© and then went to live with him. He died (of what I don’t know), and she inherited his house and kept on living there.

The only thing I know firsthand is that she would come back to her house and sit in her car in the driveway for hours. Hours. Generally, she didn’t even go inside. I didn’t find out why until the day a couple of laborers positioned a large trailer alongside the house, went in, opened the windows and started flinging stuff out. All manner of stained and broken junk filled that trailer and the one that replaced it after it got full. At one point, a pristine turquoise stove sat outside the back door, a strange counterpoint to all of the debris you wouldn’t want to touch without industrial gloves on.

It took a couple of weeks to empty the house, which is only about 700 square feet. The windows were left open, though I’ve never gotten close enough to get a whiff of whatever smells are airing out. And I believe I spoke too soon when I said the house was empty: There’s actually still a pile of trash in the laundry room. Eew.

Hoarder House back

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